Hotel Collection Duvet Insert

Cotton Down Proof Fabric. White Goose Down/Feather Fill. Hypoallergenic, Warm and Light. Five Star Hotel Comfortable Enjoyment.

Our hotel goose down duvetis made by luxurious 100% organic cotton and it is extra soft, breathable, durable, and skin-friendly. Fluffy & lightweight like a cloud. Beautifully packaged. Idea gift for yourself or loved ones.


1. Features of White Goose Down Duvet:

✔150*200cm / 200*230cm / 220*240cm or Customized.

✔100% Cotton Down Proof Fabric.

✔Fill 70% White Goose Down 30% Goose Feather.

✔Classic Double Needles Stitchingwith silver Piping.

✔Buckles at Four Sides. Fixed to Duvet Cover and Not Easy to Move.

✔Simple Square Quilting.


2、The Classification of Down Duvets

1. For Different Fillings

Goose down-The duvet flower is large and the feather stem is smal.The elasticity is sufficient, the warmth retention is strong, and it is basically tasteless.

Duck down -The smell is bigger than goose down.The price is relatively cheap and cost-effective.

2.For Different Down Content

High down content-90% and above down content

Middle and low down content-50%-90% down content

3.For Different Seasons

Summer duvet-The filling weight is 50gsm or above

Spring and autumn-The filling weight is 50gsm-100gsm

Winter duvwt-The filling weight is 100gsm-250gsm

4.For Different Fields

For hotel use down duvet

For normal home textile

For choice of home textile

5.For Different Materials

Normal material-100% cotton 40s 233TC downproof fabric or 100% cotton 60s 280TC

Other materials-Tencel,silk like materials; They are with good hand feeling, but with lower downproofness,and suitable for choice home textile.

6.For Different Quilting Style

Cut through style-Suitable for spring and autumn duvet

Baffle box style-Suitable for winter duvet


3、How To Wash Goose Down Comforters In A Washing Machine

Goose-down comforters provide warmth and softness in a lightweight design. Down comes from the soft, insulating layer of small feathers underneath the larger outer feathers. Goose-down comforters can be quite expensive compared to synthetic, and they require special care to prevent clumping and flattening. Goose-down comforters are typically machine-washable, but they must be rinsed and dried thoroughly to restore loft and prevent mold or mildew growth.


   1.Fill the washer with cold water and set it to the gentlest wash cycle. Add 1/2 cup of non-detergent laundry soap to the water. If you're      using a front-loading washer, place the comforter in the washing machine first.

  2.Place the goose-down comforter in the washer and press it down under the water to remove as much air as possible. Allow the wash cycle to  complete and repeat the rinse cycle to remove every trace of soap.

  3.Place the goose-down comforter in the dryer with several clean tennis or dryer balls. Dry the comforter for 20 minutes on the hottest  setting. Remove the comforter from the dryer and shake it out. Place it back in the dryer and repeat every 20 minutes until the comforter is  completely dry.


Things You Will Need:

   Non-detergent laundry soap    Tennis or dryer balls



Wash your goose-down comforter once a year for best results.

Shake out your goose-down comforter and hang it outside in a clean area to remove odors and restore loft.


4、How Do I Care For A Feather Duvet?

A duvet is a warm blanket usually filled with goose or duck feathers. They are often used as bedspreads in the cold winter. A quality feather duvet is usually kept for many years if they are properly cared for. The best way to care for a duvet is to use a duvet cover. Thick blankets should also be released regularly and occasionally washed or dry-cleaned. When not being used, duvets should be stored in a bag to keep the air flowing.

After buying a duvet, it should be removed from its packaging and allowed to air from 24 to 48 hours. Duvets are usually packed tightly which cause the feathers to become tangled. Hanging out the duvet will help to restore feather to a fluffy, uniform distribution.

A duvet should be washed once a year to keep clean and fresh. Some styles are machine-washed, while others must be dry-cleaned. It is important to follow the instructions for cleaning to prevent the duvet being damaged. If the duvet is machine-washable, make sure it is completely dried afterward. This can be done by putting it in a dryer in a gentle loop or hanging up, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

If the duvet is not being used in the warm season, it is important to store it in a bag allowing for air flow. Poor air ventilation can cause mildew growth inside the duvet, which will destroy it. When a feather duvet is taken out of storage it should be allowed to air out again, and then fluffed to restore the feathers. In order to further extend the life of the duvet, it can be fluffed daily when the bed is being made, and turned over regularly to prevent the feathers from settling.


5、Identification Of Down Comforters

By: natural paving the way for down comforters, relax and let nature take its course three minutes of recovery, then pressed quilts by hand, then go, if they can rebound quickly restored, which is good. Rebound faster, down the better the quality. If there is no flexibility, the fill material is likely to be chicken feathers or other hair pieces.

Second touch: touch the pinch test the degree of soft, there is no complete puff piece or than the coarse hairs, feathers, pipe, etc. Such as soft to the touch and a complete puff piece is authentic products.

Third time: slap the quilt, there is no dust, overflow, less dust volume of overflow, the better.

Four rub: rub hands quilt, if plush out stated fabrics, like velvet, not to buy.

Five smell: close down comforters to breathe deeply a few times, no smell is best.

Six weighed: a weighed down with hand weights, watch size size, lighter weight and greater volume as possible.


6、Duvets can not be vacuumed

The duvet (whether down or goose down) has a high degree of loftiness. This loft comes from the down ball in the down, a small number of pompons and the number of holes in the fiber, making the down reserve more still air,which effectively isolates the cold air, and the higher the loftiness, the warmer the quilt, so that the quilt has better thermal performance, but heavy pressure will destroy the pompoms, resulting in reduced warmth.


7、the difference between goose down and duck down

The filling of down products is mainly divided into white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down,mixed goose down and duck down.

In terms of warmth, goose down is better than duck down. Generally speaking, the volume of goose down fiber is larger than that of duck down fiber, and the fixed air volume is also larger than that of duck down fiber, so it is naturally warmer than duck down.

The limit temperature of 1500G duck down on the market is up to -29 degrees. The 1500G goose down limit temperature is at least -40 degrees.This is also an important reason why goose down is better than duck down.

In terms of odor, the duck is a omnivorous animal, and there is a smell in the duck down. Although it can be eliminated after treatment, it is said to be reversed again; the goose is a herbivore and there is no smell in the velvet.

The main difference between gray velvet and white velvet is the color.White can be widely used in light-colored fabrics, which are not transparent, so white velvet is generally slightly more expensive than gray.

For duvets, the quality depends mainly on the down content and cashmere charge.According to industry standards, the general down content must be higher than 50%, which can be called down products, otherwise it can only be called feather products.

The higher the down content, the better the quality; the larger the down flower, the higher the filling power.


8、Goose and Duck Down Prices in China

Goose down prices have stayed very firm in the past months in China whereas duck down prices were even surging, in line with the jump of exports in the first quarter. The avian flu is decimating duck populations in many countries, like France, therefore supporting price which however remain low by historical standards.


9、Some lies in hotel textile

Hotel  :What's the percentage of your goose down?


Wrong!The highest percentage of goose down is 95%. Even if we own the high technology, we can't totally seperate the down from the useless substance.


10、How to remove the odor from the duck or goose down

Different kinds of down, its smell is different. Geese are herbivorous, so goose down almost has no odor. Ducks like to eat insects and fish in the water, so the duck down generally has a smell.

However, do not worry about the odor from down, just dry it in a dry and ventilated place in the sun (be careful not to expose too long), or evenly spray lemonade on the down product to fully dry it to reduce or remove the odor.


11、Our Hotel Down Products Protect You From Allergy Problems

Many people may have problems with allergy when using hotel down products. But our products got the EDFA certificate.That means all the down products can be traceable. All the animals are in a good environment without bacteria troubles. So you can have our trust.


12、 Advatages of our company

(1). Qualified and Trustworthy Hospitality Linen Manufacturer and Supplier since 1984

(2). Reliable Quality Control

(3). Competitive Price for Mass production

(4). High Efficiency working (24*7hours)

(5). One-Stop Service for Hotel linen Products

   13、Packing and Shipping

Fast Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx,etc.

Mass Shipping:air, sea and land transportation

   14、 FAQ:

Q: How many different types of products your company manufactures?

A: We are professional in bed linen, bath linen and table linen. We can supply all the related products. We have a strong advantage of OEM, just give us the actual products or your idea that you want, we will manufacture for you.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: If we have the products in stock, it will be no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer’s exact situation.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: The general delivery time is 30-45 days after receiving your order confirmation. Another, if we have the goods in stock, it will only take 3-5 days.

Q: Do you provide sample ? Is it free?

A: If the sample is low value, we will provide the free sample with freight collect. But for some high value samples, we need to collect the sample charge. If you place the order, the sample fees can be refunded.


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