Why Hotel Towels Lint?


First of all, 100% cotton towels will lint. The amount of twist will have an impact on the hand feel. Towels with low twist feel good, but are easy to get pilling, towels with high twist feel relatively poor, and towels are not easy to get pilling. The long staple cotton is not easy to lint. So the lint problem is associated with yarn quality and weaving process.

The towels are woven from cotton yarns, and the towels have a water absorption effect, so the hand feel needs to be as soft as possible. The lower the twist, the softer the cotton yarns. The untwisted towel we usually hear is the softest kind of towel. It feels soft, but this will also cause some lint to appear in the laundry tray which is normal.

So don’t judge the towel quality subjectively. If we choose a professional company, we can solve many problems. 

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