How to Choose Different Fillings for Pillow and Quilt


Some customers ask me to introduce pillows for them. We have different pillow designs with different. They have many names like gusseted pillow, chamber pillow, shredded pillow, adjustable pillow, anti-mite pillow, travel pillow, memory foam pillow, latex pillow, etc. It is really hard to tell them what is good or not. Only the most suitable one is the best. So you need to try a few until you find a suitable one. 

There are different fabrics and different fillings for pillows or comforters. For outer fabrics, normally polyester and cotton in terms of materials. For fillings, there are microfiber, polyfiber, memory foam, down and feather.


These fibers to make pillows are less 3D, like 1.2d or 1.33d. They are commonly used in hotels.

They are inexpensive but if you need firm pillow. We should need more microfiber fillings or use polyfiber. 

Anti-bacterial fiber

Since the pandemic situation, we focus more on the cleanness of bed linens. So we launch some clean theme linens for our customers who have this need. It can satisfy more people’s individual need.

Down and feather

It is lightweight and fluffy. And these fillings are commonly used in high-star hotels. The construction of down is special and the interwoven fibers can form a warm layer. But it is more expensive. If you have the budget, you can consider other options.

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