How to Solve The Towel Pilling Problem


How to solve the towel pilling problem

1. When we wash towels, the water temperature should not be too high, it should be below 40 ℃. Because the cross-section of the cotton fiber expands when the water temperature is too high, and the short fibers are quickly released, and they are combined to be attached as a ball on the surface of the towel.

2. When washing towels, pay attention to the PH value, and the alkalinity should not be too strong. Some detergents with strong detergency are often strong alkaline products, which can damage the cotton fibers of the towels and also cause the cotton fiber to embrittle and get pilling.

3. When we wash the towels, pay attention to the washing capacity of the products, and it should not be too small, otherwise the friction of the towel will increase during washing, so that the cotton fiber will be separated to form a small ball on the surface of the towels.

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