Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector?


For a long time, the mattress protective cover is very controversial. Some people think it is necessary to buy it, and some people think it  unnecessary. Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector? Let's take a look, and also see how to clean it every day.


1、 Is it necessary to buy a mattress protective cover?

Choosing comfortable and durable mattresses has become an important part of modern home life. However, most people know nothing about how to protect mattress hygiene and what health problems mattress hygiene will have on human body. According to the survey results of a mattress cleaning, 53.07% of people have never cleaned the mattress in terms of cleaning frequency and method: 11.54% of people clean the mattress once a year, and 25% don't know how to clean the mattress at all. The amount of sweat naturally metabolized by the human body every night is about 250 ml (equivalent to the amount of a bottle of mineral water), and the human body loses about 1.5 million pieces of dandruff per hour (also a natural phenomenon of aging metabolism of human skin) But where did the liquid and dander go when sleeping? you 're right! More than 90% of them are accumulated in the mattress, so the mattress has become the place with the most mites (the largest allergen catalyst of human beings in the 20th century, and the culprit causing asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, eczema, chronic urticaria...) and bacteria parasitism.


2、 How to clean the mattress protective cover everyday

1. regular cleaning

Do a regular dust suction on the mattress cover to avoid dirt formation after the mattress is wet. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the mattress up and down, left and right. This is simple but important. The purpose is that in case the mattress cover is wet in the future, it will not form stains because of a lot of dust. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. When foaming with hydrogen peroxide, dip it in a clean, white and dry cloth.

2. Surface stains

If there are stains on the surface, you can use the detergent for sofa or interior decoration. These products are designed for the fabric surface that directly contacts the skin, which is not easy to cause allergy or discomfort. These washing products are particularly effective in eliminating dust mites and their waste. Use detergent containing enzyme. Enzymatic detergents help destroy the structure of stains, making them easy to clean.

3. Remove mildew spots

Have a "sunbath". The formation of mildew is mainly due to excessive humidity. Find a sunny day, take the mattress cover outdoors to dry, and wipe off the remaining mildew. But remember, if it is a latex mattress, you should avoid exposure to strong light.

4. Colored stain

Although such stains cannot be completely removed, the use of Citrus cleaner or vinegar can reduce the degree of stains. Most beverage stains can be dissolved in medical alcohol, but alcohol will also spread the stains, so use a cloth with good water absorption dipped in alcohol to wipe the stains, rather than pouring alcohol directly on it.


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