What if the duvet has a bad smell


Many people like to use down products of duck down and goose down as winter bedding, which is not only soft and light, but also very warm. As the down quilt is filled with duck down and goose down, some products do have peculiar smell. In daily life, if the down quilt has little peculiar smell, the peculiar smell can be removed by ventilation. If the peculiar smell is serious, it needs to be cleaned or removed with lemonade. Next, let's take a look with SIDEFU.


Why is the down quilt so tasty

The filling material in the down quilt is mainly duck down or goose down. According to the regulations, the down must be washed and disinfected before filling the quilt to ensure safety and health. If consumers smell a strong odor when buying, it indicates that there is a problem with the quilt quality.


Generally, there are two kinds of down and feather used as down quilt filling materials. Down has better warmth retention than feather. Some undesirable businesses fill with broken duck feathers, which can not be called duvet at all. Moreover, due to poor disinfection, the odor is strong, and the microbial content of the duvet exceeds the standard. Buying this kind of duvet is very harmful, because the microbial content exceeds the standard, it not only has peculiar smell, but also may contain bacteria, causing human respiratory diseases, skin allergies and other symptoms.


However, if the duvet is made of substandard down, it will also produce an unpleasant smell. Generally, a good down quilt will disinfect the filling material at high temperature before it is ready for clothing, and there will be no peculiar smell after it is bought for ventilation.


What if the duvet has a bad smell



If the goose down is opened with a faint smell, it is generally because the inner membrane bag of the quilt packaging is closed for a long time, resulting in that the remaining smell cannot be distributed in time. Open it in a ventilated place and dry it for 2 hours. If the down quilt has a fishy smell after being opened, the original air in the quilt can be squeezed out and filled with new air. After repeated for 2~3 (times / day), the smell will disappear or reduce; Dry in a ventilated place for 1-2 days.



1. Full immersion

Add the down quilt detergent to the warm water at about 20 ℃, then drop a few drops of down quilt deodorizer, and soak the down quilt for 20 minutes.


2. Grasp and pinch in the water

1) Squeeze a lot of air out of the duvet in the water.

2) Grasp all parts of the duvet with both hands in the water until it is clean, or brush it with a brush.

3) Then wash it in clean water for several times until it is clean.


3. Moisture control

1) Put the duvet in the net pocket and press the water gently to squeeze it out.

2) Lay the duvet flat on the table to dry in the shade.

3) Dry with a dryer.


4. Post drying treatment

After the down is basically dried, you will find that it is not as fluffy and soft as before, and the down becomes a piece. It doesn't matter. After drying in the shade, just pat it with both hands, or bake it near the heating for a while, and it will immediately return to a soft state.


Lemonade deodorization

Just prepare the lemon slices and the watering can. Put the lemon slices into the watering can, pour an appropriate amount of water into it, shake it with force, and a bottle of lemonade will be ready. Take the duvet to the ventilation place and pat it hard for a few times, then spray it with the prepared lemonade. After drying overnight, the peculiar smell can be eliminated.


How to choose high quality duvet

As long as you buy a duvet with qualified quality and qualified disinfection when purchasing duvet, you can greatly reduce the probability of peculiar smell of duvet. So how can I buy a high-quality duvet?


1. Smell

Good duvets have little or no taste. If the taste is strong, the quality may not be good.


2. Look at the workmanship

The main thing is to look at the stitching of the duvet. A good duvet is evenly and carefully stitched to ensure that there is no leakage or off stitching.


3. Spread out to see the rebound speed

Spread out the down quilt. After two or three minutes, flatten the period to see the rebound recovery speed. The faster the rebound speed, the better the quilt; If the rebound speed is very slow or does not rebound at all, you need to pay attention.


4. Touch it to see if it feels good or bad

The down quilt with good quality usually feels soft with only a few small pieces of wool, which will rebound quickly after loosening. If there are many large pieces of wool or hard materials in the quilt, the quality of the quilt is usually not high.


5. Shoot to see if there is any lint

Gently tap the duvet to see if there is any fluff or dust running out. A good down quilt will not run down and leak dust. In addition, there should be no obvious hard particles or hard objects in the beating process.


6. Look at the weight

Under the same volume, the lighter the down quilt is, the higher its down content is. Therefore, the warmer and more comfortable the cup will be.


Down quilt tips


Can the duvet be exposed to the sun?

Down quilts cannot be dried directly in the sun. It is best to put the duvet in a cool and ventilated place to dry for about an hour. This will not damage the characteristics of the duvet, but also restore and maintain its fluffy degree. If we do not dry properly, it is easy to damage the warmth retention of the duvet at this time. And the down is particularly easy to burn after a long time of exposure to the sun. At this time, the down quilt will also have an unpleasant smell, and its warmth will be greatly lost.


How to wash down quilt best?

Down quilts can be washed or dry cleaned, but they cannot be machine cleaned. In particular, machine washing will cause uneven thickness, deformation and even burring of down quilt fillers, which will affect the beauty and warmth retention. Although dry cleaning is convenient, the dry cleaning agent used for dry cleaning will age the cloth and down, affect the warmth retention of down quilt, and the residual chemical solution will be harmful to health. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers wash it by hand.


What if down comes out?

First of all, we should avoid buying down quilts with poor sewing technology and too many inferior down fibers. Second, we can buy sealed Python proof quilt covers or disposable waterproof quilt covers as inner liners, which can effectively prevent the down from drilling out.


The difference between down quilt and down quilt

Down cotton is not real cotton, nor pure down, but hollow cotton or polyester silk cotton. Down cotton is the most commonly used substitute for natural down. Because its thermal insulation effect is equivalent to that of down, its price is relatively low and its cost performance is high.


How long is the service life of down quilt?

A high-grade down quilt is still fluffy and soft after decades of use under the condition of correct use and maintenance, with excellent warmth retention.


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