Why does the hotel choose white?


Business trip, travel, meeting relatives and friends... The hotel has become the second "home" in our journey. I believe people who have stayed in hotels have noticed that the bed sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases in the guest rooms are all white!


Perhaps you can't imagine that more than 20 years ago, the hotel sheets were not all white.

White sheets originated from the "heavenly bed" launched by Westin Hotel at the end of the last century. White sheets were first used in all guest rooms. This initiative has been followed by other hotels. Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt and other five-star hotels have changed into white sheets.

Why does the hotel choose white?


1、 White sheets are easy to clean and will not fade

The use of white bed sheets in the hotel is a good way to avoid the negative impression left by the fading of the linen. In addition, the single-phase white bed is easier to clean than other colored bed sheets. When cleaning, add some bleach powder, and the product will look like a new one without any stain. At the same time, the hotel can also wash the bed sheets together with the white towels and bathrobes in the bathroom, which can also save a lot of costs.


2、 White sheets are versatile

No matter what color of bed or structure of guest room, white bedding can be perfectly matched to create a sense of neatness and atmosphere. Moreover, the guests of the hotel come from all over the world and have different preferences for color matching. Some people like passionate red, while others hate that red is too bold, while white is a warm color that everyone is willing to accept. It not only makes people feel relaxed, but also gives people a feeling of bright, clean and atmospheric.


3、 A way to prove clean

White sheets are an effective way for hotels to prove their cleanliness standards, just as people wear white shirts to highlight their ability to keep themselves clean and hygienic. When guests first see clean and tidy bed sheets, they will put down their guard against the overall sanitation of the room.


4、 Convenient for staff cleaning

If the bed sheet is changed to other colors, it may interfere with the sight of the staff, resulting in stains or impurities left on the bed sheet. With white as the background, you can see at a glance whether other colors of hair and sundries have been left on the sheets. It is also convenient for the staff to clean.


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